Legislative Update:

The solar property tax exemption language that was included in the legislature’s final climate change bill that was passed two weeks ago. Late last week Governor Baker vetoed the bill part of this was the timing of the end of the two-year legislative session and without signing the entire bill into law the governor had very limited options of any changes or amendments that he had to the bill so he vetoed it. This week the legislature re-filed the bill that they had passed on January 5 and it’s entirety. Their goal is to move it quickly through the process and then back to the Governor.


Worcester County Assessors Association offers scholarships for professional development throughout the year for our members in good standing. These scholarships can be used for WCAA workshops and meetings, as well as MAAO and IAAO classes and workshops. If you city or town budget is not adequate to meet your educational needs we encourage you to apply using the application below.



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