Presentations & Publications


Changes to Solar Taxation – 2021 Legislation

Presentation by:

         R. Lane Partridge, MAA Concord Town Assessor

                  Initial Guidance for the 2021 Solar Legislation from the Department of Revenue


Lot Splits and Deeds

Presentation by:

         William Mitchell, RMA, MAA, North Andover Chief Assessor


Understanding Mass GIS Parcel Mapping

Presentation by:

         Kristen E. A. Kelly, GISP, GIS Project Manager for Tighe & Bond


Tax Recap – Step by Step

Presentation by:

         Rebecca Boucher, Certified, Field Advisor with the BLA

         Eric Kinsherf and Lisa Kellly, Certified Public Accountants 


                            Tax Recap Presentation & Exercise

                           Step-by-step tax recap process in Gateway 


Home Rule Petition for Senior Tax Relief

Presentation by:

         Victor Santaniello, Director of Assessing for the towns of Wakefield and Reading


Chapter 61 Perspectives from the Foresters

Presentation by Chris Capone, Service Forester, Department of Conservation & Recreation

         Michael Downey, Forest Stewardship, Coordinator & Service Forester


Assessor’s Role in Economic Development – Tax incentives (TIF)

Presentation by:

         Lynn Tokarczyk, President of Business Development Strategies, Inc.


Clerk’s Meeting – Understanding Your Assessment – Part 1

Clerk’s Meeting – Understanding Your Assessment – Part 2

Presentation by:

         William Mitchell, RMA, MAA, North Andover Chief Assessor


Trusts & Who Should Be Assessed

Presentation by:

         Sean Nicholas Fay, Esquire


Clerk’s Meeting – 2018 – Exemptions

Presentation by:

         Mary Oliver, MAA – Former Grafton Assessor

         Cindy Cosgrove, Former Auburn Assessor

Clerk’s Meeting – 2018 – Public Records

Forms from the Clerks Meeting

Motor Vehicle Abatement – What do I need?

Abatement Agreement & Waiver of Appeal Template

Executive Session Form


Personal Property Classification

Presentation by:

         Don Gorton, Attorney, Department of Revenue, Bureau of Municipal Finance Law 


Presentation by

         Lane Partridge, Town Assessor in Concord


The Appeal Process

Presentation by:

         Cindy Cosgrove, Retired Chief Assessor in Auburn


Personal Property Presentation

Presentation by:

         Jonathan Steinberg, Chief Assessor in Westborough


Gathering Data and Finding Comps 

Presentation by:

         Chris Reidy, Commercial Assessor in Leominster


Assessing in a Disaster

Presentation by:

         William Mitchell, RMA, MAA, North Andover Chief Assessor


Using Marshall and Swift for the Cost Approach

Presentation by:

         John Neas, MAA, RMA, CMA Hopkinton Principal Assessor

                          Worksheet1   Worksheet 2


Residual Analysis Principle and Procedures

Presentation by:

         Chris Keefe, Wilbraham Chief Assessor


Data Collection & Understanding & Applying the Cost Approach

Presentation by:

         John Valade, MAA – Marlborough Principal Assessor

         William Mitchell, RMA, MAA – North Andover Chief Assessor